Time-Lapse Video

Since December, we’ve been working on a time-lapse construction video for a small condo project being built by Chattanooga architects Cogent Studio. It’s expected to be a 6 month project (give or take a month for weather delays), with a final product of a 3-4 minute video. The final video will be a compilation of time-lapse, hand-held video, DSLR stills and scans of drawings and plans provided by Cogent.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.05.28 PM

We’ve set up two cameras on site so far — one on the roof adjacent and one over the awning next door so as to provide multiple angles that can be cut and edited together in the final video. We will also set up an additional camera across the street once the excavation is finished and the construction of the condos commences.

To condense 6 months into 4 minutes requires the cameras to shoot at 10 minute intervals with automatic start at 8am and automatic stop at 5pm so as not to waste batteries or memory card space when there is no activity. The results so far have been impressive and exactly what we had hoped they would be. I wish we could post a video clip here, but this blog doesn’t support video, so if you’re interested in what a “time-lapse” of a single day of construction condensed down to one second looks like, you can check out this video clip from the project by clicking this link: DailyTimeLapse


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