MaryBeth and Matt


Although they are Nashville residents, the scenic city of Chattanooga is quite dear to their hearts. After all, it’s where they made their first home together, so that’s where they chose to get married.

It was October in Tennessee, but just barely, and we were afraid the cooling weather might make outdoor portraits a little tough… red faces, runny noses… you know how it gets when you have to stand outside without a jacket, shivering and waiting for your picture to be taken. But, MaryBeth and Matt had good fortune on their side. The weather was incredible. It was cool, but not cold, and there was still a lot of green and colorful flowers in the landscaping. It may have been a fall wedding, but the colors, the climate and the joy that MaryBeth and Matt brought to the scene made it feel like Spring.

MaryBeth got ready in a beautiful suite with incredible window light making it easy for Carissa to concentrate on her creativity instead of worrying about finding decent light. And she got some beautiful images because of it (and because she’s really good). The guys… well, it doesn’t take much for guys to get ready. They mostly partied it up in their secluded conference room downstairs watching the football game, throwing paper airplanes, and yelling at the TV.

The weather was great and we did a lot of outdoor shots, but I think our best work came from inside, taking advantage of the hotel’s floor to ceiling windows and contemporary furniture to set a soft, comfortable scene. Some the best images of the day were captured by Carissa in the hotel’s main hallway simply because the light was so beautiful and she knew how to capitalize on it.

As we all know, most weddings will have some kind of drama… and this one was no exception. Everything was running like clockwork and the ceremony was almost over when they discovered that the best man had forgotten the rings! With a subtle warning glare from MaryBeth, the best man rocketed out of the ballroom past a medley of chuckles and astonished faces and was back in a flash with the goods. And because this was their happy day, MaryBeth and Matt chuckled, too, at the silliness of the situation, automatically turning a potentially awkward moment into a memory that will always put a wistful grin on their faces.


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