Katie, Adam and… Addison!

They collect my art and they’ve had us document two very important memories in their lives, with many more to come. We’ve been lucky to be able to choose our clients much of the time and being part of Katie and Adam’s lives in such an artistic way is not only fun, but it reminds us that there really are some wonderful people out there.

We try to make a genuine connection with our clients so that they aren’t just names in a database… they’re friends. And it’s that relationship that keeps bringing us back to document the special moments in their lives… in this case, some “family” photos disguised as maternity shots (or is it the other way around?)

With the chivalry of the classic Southern Gentleman, Adam helped his expectant Katie across the mud and toward our favorite barn as Carissa set up for her shot. It was a sweet moment between the young couple, repeated over and over as they interacted in front of our cameras. We often do a lot of directing to put people at ease and into the right poses, but it’s a lot more fun sometimes to freestyle and just let them do their thing.


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