This One’s On the House

I had seen her smiling face in the hallways of the school for years, but it wasn’t until she became a senior that I really got to know her… and what a gift that has been. Kiara Forester works in the library with me as a student assistant through the Work-Based Learning Program at the high school. I can confidently say that she is one of the best and most hard-working and student aides I’ve ever had. Aside from being a quick learner who does everything to the best of her ability, she also radiates a positive attitude and greets everyone with a sincere smile. Always, every single day. She’s the kind of young lady who brightens up a room just by being in it and in doing so, blesses everyone around her.

Every year, from this point on, Holt and I will do a senior portrait session for one deserving student who probably hadn’t planned on having a one-on-one professional shoot done otherwise. It’s a small gesture to let kids know that hard work and a good soul really do count for something. And, who knows, maybe in the future, we’ll have nominations from the faculty and student body… because DCHS is one of those schools where we all try to help each other out, students and teachers. That’s a rare thing these days and we encourage it at every turn.

Kiara, this year’s winner, rode home with me after school on a Thursday. We took our time and walked around our property, stopping at some of our favorite spots for a few poses, hanging out at the cabin by the pond and then heading down the road to take a few shots at the big red barn right before the sun went down.

Our evening with Kiara, like the vast majority of our shoots, was fun, low-key, and easygoing. And very humorous. Her dry wit and Holt’s silliness kept us in stitches, allowing us to capture some fantastic smiles. In between the giggles and the horse patties, we captured some wonderful images of this beautiful girl and had a great time doing it. It makes me wonder, can it really be called work when you get to have fun like this?

What a joy it is when you get to do what you love AND get to spend time with wonderful people in the process.


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